Taking Flight introduces a unique program of virtuosic music for the flute and harp duo from the modern era.


William Alwyn                               Naiades: Fantasy-Sonata

Clémence de Grandval               Valse Mélancolique

Joseph Jongen                               Danse Lent

Herman Bemberg                        Danse Grecque

Charles Rochester Young          The Song of the Lark

Gareth Farr                                   Taheke

Zdenĕk Folprecht                        Malá Suita va Starém Slohu

"Your recording of Taheke is fantastic!! I really enjoyed listening to it, and I think you really did an amazing job of the piece...Well done - I appreciate the work that went into your CD." - Gareth Farr, composer


"Your performance is outstanding and your attention to detail is excellent.  Many thanks and congratulations on your fine recording!" - Charles Rochester Young, composer


"This collection acts as a kind of historical snapshot of the development of the literature for flute and harp, highlighting charming Romantic character pieces as well as tonally very forward-thinking suites. If I make this list sound like the recording belongs boxed away with other academic curiosities, nothing could be further from the truth: These pieces, while intricate and well-developed by a musician’s standpoint, are also incredibly fun to listen to, and such a treat to discover. Rendered so beautifully by the Lyrebird Ensemble’s virtuosic, spirited playing, I am left wanting more and am thrilled by the possibility of learning more about the repertoire through their ears." - The Flutist Quarterly, Fall 2011