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Clémence de Grandval

Valse Mélancolique


This charming, 5-minute character piece was written specifically for flute and harp duo in the late 19th century by the French female composer Clémence de Grandval (1828-1907). Now available in a modern edition from Lyrebird Editions, the work features graceful and expansive melodies for the flute and idiomatic figures for the harp, including arpeggiations, glissandi, and harmonics. A recording of the piece is available from the Lyrebird Ensemble's CD, Taking Flight.


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Cameron Wilson

Orleans Strut


Orleans Strut offers a new style of composition in flute and harp repertoire, fusing together a unique blend of swing jazz, gypsy-inspired motifs, ragtime, Dixieland flavored melodies and French classical impressionism. It was commissioned by the Lyrebird Ensemble in 2013,  premiered at the National Flute Association Convention in New Orleans in August 2013, and performed again by the Lyrebird Ensemble at the American Harp Society National Conference, July 2014, in New Orleans.


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Cameron Wilson

Woofin' the Cat Suite


This audience favorite celebrates the Celtic heritage of Canada's Maritime Provinces. It begins with a haunting melody that can be played on either alto flute or C flute, and then proceeds to weave together a variety of traditional tunes from Scotland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, building to a whirling finale. Commissioned by the Krutzen/McGhee Duo.


Price: $20.00


Woofin' the Cat Suite - Lyrebird Ensemble